What is the Intercultural Church Conference all about?

Before the death of George Floyd, many church leaders were wrestling with how to build a church community that reflected the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural make-up of modern day Britain. From an African pastor’s perspective, the question is how can our church engage white indigenous British people? From a white British pastor, the question is how can our church or organisation engage Black Majority Churches or diaspora people? From a Chinese or Brazilian pastor, how can our churches or organisation go beyond reaching just Chinese or Brazilians? Added to this are questions around loosing second generation Africans, Asians and Latin Americans so that some leave the church totally while others migrate to a church that reflects the multi-ethic make up of Britain

Event details

All Nations Church, Wolverhampton

Saturday 9th July 2022 09:30 — 16:30

Keynote speakers

Our main speakers are: Rev Dr Kate Coleman, Next Leadership, Pastor Steve Uppal, All Nations Church and Rev Adam Martin, Intercultural Churches UK.

Seminars available on the day:

Intercultural leadership formation — Anderson Moyo

Intercultural discipleship & pastoral care — Wien Fung

Intercultural worship — Jessie Tang

Intercultural theology — Louisa & Richard Evans

Intercultural mission & church planting — Alex Brito


Seminar leaders