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26 January 2017

Best of the Alliance January 2017

Signed up for Movement Day? Met our member of the month? Prepared for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation? We've got our monthly round up of all things Alliance, just in case you missed any of it... 

idea magazine and the Reformation 
You loved our article catching readers up on the history of the Reformation as we look forward to marking the 500th anniversary of the major event in the life of the Church. If you haven't brushed up on your Reformation knowledge, now's the time... 
Reformation idea

Praying for presidents 
Our Facebook friends found our article on praying for presidents, written by our general director Steve Clifford, really helpful. Steve looks at how Christians can support those in power who we might not necessarily agree with... 

Movement Day 
The Twitterati were super enthusiastic about news about Movement Day, coming to London in October. If you're looking to see transformation of your communities in Jesus' name, then this is the event for you... 
Movement Day cover

OPC young leaders leading on Instagram 
We loved, and so did our Insta-crowd, having the One People Commission young leaders at EA towers this month! They met together to talk about Church unity, diversity and sharing Jesus with young adults in their communities. 
OPC Insta

Member of the month 
Did you know that we have almost 4,000 church members, 600 organisations members and thousands of individual members? This month we featured our friends at the Mahabba Network who work to encourage Christians to pray for, and reach, Muslims. Find out more about them, and about Alliance membership... 

Toughmudder training 
Some of the Alliance team have been training since last summer ahead of Toughmudder in May – and they'd love you to sponsor them and support the work the Alliance is doing on unity, mission and advocacy.