Find out more about how we work, where we work and who governs us

We are a extensively relational organisation, committed to building relationships with individuals, churches, and organisations from across the evangelical community. We listen to our community far more than we speak. So it is highly important to connect and gather with a full range of voices to guide and influence our work.

We are governed by an executive board of trustees, which is a group of voluntary Christian leaders who are at the height of their chosen profession or vocation, such as managing directors and general superintendents. Our council, meanwhile, comprises Christian leaders and influencers who work as our ambassadors, tell us what’s going on in the local church and share best practice with us. Find out who’s on our board and who’s on our council.

We are a UK-wide member organisation, with bases in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each of our national offices champions areas of policy or public leadership, mission and prayer. Read about our work in the nations for more on this.

Our Theology Advisory Group (TAG), which many liken to a thinktank, assists us mainly in theological matters, but also public policy. The group comprises theology and public policy experts, selected from around the UK and a range of organisations. Read more about TAG.

As an alliance of evangelical churches, organisations and individuals around the UK, our members, are an important part of how we work – we couldn’t exist without you! If you are not yet a member, why not sign up now?

By drawing on our own resources across the four nations, and heeding the direction and recommendations of our board, council and TAG, we lead in areas of advocacy, mission and prayer. We also build effective relationships with our members, which come in the form of partnerships, coalitions and support, to develop and bring to fruition initiatives that spread the gospel in words and deeds. Find out more about what we do.