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At the Evangelical Alliance Wales, we are passionate about unity and serving and representing churches from around 30 different denominations across our nation.

We encourage churches to work together to make Jesus known, and we represent evangelicals in Wales to the National Assembly as well as the media.

We believe that together, we can see Wales transformed with the good news of Jesus Christ. That is why we partner with a number of organisations through coalitions including Gweini, new generation leaders, and the Cymru Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

Our vision and passion is to see the communities in our villages, towns and cities in Wales transformed through the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we unite as churches, humble ourselves and pray together in this mission, then we believe Wales will be a blessing to the world.
Elfed Godding
Director of Wales and coalitions
Elfed Godding Sept 2017 280

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Meet the team

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