We dream of a thriving church full of genuine friendships across generational and cultural divides

The power of friendship is atomic.

We were created to connect, crafted for community, designed with unity in mind. When God created the cosmos and its custodians, eight times He declared that​“it is good.” The first thing that He finds to be​“not good” is for man to be alone.

Mother Teresa described loneliness as the leprosy of the west. In the UK over the last couple of years, the number of lonely people has increased from one in 20 to one in 14. Covid-19 has not been the only epidemic of our times; loneliness too can be deadly.

Scientific studies consistently show that you can be incredibly unhealthy in terms of diet and fitness, and yet, if you have good friendships, you will live longer than someone who keeps themselves in shape, but lives in isolation. It is better to eat kebabs with friends than salad on your own!

"The antidote to loneliness is friendship. We were made for it. And it is worth celebrating."
Phil Knox
Phil Knox
Evangelism and missiology senior specialist

In friendship we celebrate our connection, not just to those who are like us, but with those whom we share significant differences with too. Birds of a feather do flock together, but the invitation to​“love your neighbour” in today’s world is to take occasional steps outside of our comfort zones into friendships that may take more initial work, but in which there is a depth and richness in diversity and difference.

There’s no hierarchy in friendship. We all get to play. All of us have the divine spark in us to get to know and be known by a friend. Like many things in our world, we under-appreciate its worth and under-invest in its riches.

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