We dream of a thriving church full of genuine friendships across generational and cultural divides

We were created to connect, crafted for community, designed with unity in mind. With God and with others. It is central to our understanding of the gospel, to the way we follow Jesus and has profound implications for our physical, emotional and spiritual health. And yet, we don’t seem to talk about it very much.

We believe friendship matters and, as a church and a world, we need it more than ever. That’s why we are creating a wealth of resources to speak up and listen well in this area.

Friendship matters for discipleship. We cannot follow Jesus alone. The church needs deep, authentic relationships so that we might thrive as Christians.

"The antidote to loneliness is friendship. We were made for it. And it is worth celebrating."
Phil Knox
Phil Knox
Evangelism and missiology senior specialist

Friendship matters for evangelism. The most significant human relationship in someone becoming a Christian is a friend. We don’t become friends with people to convert them, but we recognise that through this connection, the Kingdom grows exponentially.

Friendship matters for unity. One of the beautiful facets of the church is that it unites people of every age, ethnicity, background and story. The gospel calls us to be friends with those who are different to us. This is a powerful antidote and witness to the fractured world around us.

Friendship matters for leaders. In a volatile and unstable world, leading is increasingly challenging. Leaders who are isolated are more likely to struggle, burn out and fall. Leaders who are surrounded with friends can thrive, fight discouragement more easily and last the course, serving the church and flourishing where God has placed them.

Friendship is a beautiful paradigm for the good news. Once we were enemies of God (Romans 5:10), but because of the cross and resurrection of Jesus, we have been reconciled to him (2 Corinthians 5:18) and Jesus calls his disciples friends (John 15:15). Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends (John 15:13).

So welcome to the conversation. We would love you to explore the book The Best of Friends, enjoy the short films and blogs, use the small group resources and let us know what you think.