You are partnering with us in the bold and exciting vision God has given us a for the next 10 years.

The Vision
For the next decade, we are committed to ensuring our members have the confidence, the tools and the language to proclaim and demonstrate the good news of Jesus throughout the UK whilst turning up the volume as we speak into wider society, the secular media and the corridors of power. 

- We will grow our membership further, unite more widely and be a model of intercultural and intergenerational engagement.
- We will train and equip young adults especially to make Jesus known in their workplaces and communities.
- We will help our members navigate the cultural shifts happening around us, so that we can all be salt and light wherever God has positioned us.

Our vision is ambitious, but we are expectant. The realisation of this vision could help shape the next decade for the church. 

"Because of our many members standing with us, I believe we will see lives changed through the power of the gospel, and a united church speaking out to society and those in power with bravery and hope on issues that matter."
Gavin Calver 2
Gavin Calver
CEO of the Evangelical Alliance