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Public Leadership

Equipping Christians to lead in the public sphere

At the Evangelical Alliance we believe that Christian public leaders are good news for society which means we want to see the church sending out leaders into the public square. At its core, leadership is about the use of authority and influence to change something. We can all grow in better leadership and it is clear that our society needs more and better leaders.

“Growing people of influence for today’s complex world is a vital responsibility of the body of Christ. These are exciting times to be wrestling with the challenge and this resource will help us all rise to it more wisely.”
Tracey Cotterell
Public Leadership advisory group member
Tracy Cotterell 2018

The Public Leadership programme is about equipping and encouraging Christians to live out their calling to the public square in a way that changes culture by intentionally and strategically taking a lead.

If you’re a public leader in your 20s or 30s, find out more about the Public Leader course — a 10 month course designed to help you work out how to live out your Christian leadership in the public square. You can also explore the Change the World course which is a small group resource to help churches equip and support public leaders in their congregations.

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Meet the team

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