Public Leadership supports young professionals and emerging leaders to follow Jesus in every walk of life. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of living as a Christian public leader.

As a young Christian leader in today’s world, you may feel overwhelmed by the immense challenges and pressures facing society. From the pandemic to the climate crisis, contested politics and cancel culture, mental health challenges, rising poverty, to the struggle to balance work and personal life, young Christian professionals have a lot on their plate. Financial pressures, navigating the complexities of social media, feeling isolated, and facing discrimination or bias in the workplace or industry can make it challenging to pursue your passions, stand strong for what you believe in, and make a positive impact for the kingdom. We’re all feeling the pressure of a society in desperate need of change, and it can be overwhelming to consider the scope of what’s at stake.

But we know that the kingdom of God breaks out through small beginnings, through individuals and communities who start with little more than a yes’ to God and the courage to step out in faith.

And that’s where the Public Leader programme comes in. We believe that it’s essential to have culture-shaping Christian leaders in every aspect of society, from artists and educators to engineers and politicians, who love Jesus, know one another, and prayerfully work together for the strategic advancing of the kingdom of God. This 10-month leadership development journey equips and encourages young professionals and emerging leaders like you to intentionally and strategically take the lead so that you can make a difference wherever you are. 

We are excited to announce the Public Leader programme 2024 – 25, running in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, is now open for applications. If you’re a leader in your 20s or 30s, find out more about this amazing opportunity to follow Jesus and make Him known wherever He has placed you.

One great way to find out more is to attend a taster session webinar with the team. Sign up by clicking on the button below.

"Christians have an amazing history of leading change across society. That’s why we’re committed to seeing God’s people grow in confidence as public leaders, so they can use their voice and their positions to see things change for the better."
Peter Lynas
UK director, Evangelical Alliance