This brand section of the website describes the Evangelical Alliance brand, enables access to our brand assets, and provides guidance on the how to use the assets. It also clarifies our visual identity. It will help you understand how we want to communicate and how we keep our brand identity consistent.

A brand is our audience’s perception of us. Branding is the process of shaping that perception.

Who are these guidelines for?

Anyone at the Evangelical Alliance who communicates on behalf of the organisation should make these brand guidelines a priority read. For external designers the brand guidelines give a very good starting point into our visual identity, and should help to keep designed documents consistent. 

Why is a strong brand important?

At its most basic, our brand is our audience’s perception of us. Our brand helps us to define how we are perceived in the view of the public. Our brand is more than simply a definition of who we are or how we express it, it should serve as the starting point for everything we say and produce. It’s about what we want people to feel when they experience the Evangelical Alliance.