Download and use the Evangelical Alliance logos

There is one primary version of the logo, with a variety of different options for use in different settings. All versions of the logo are available to download and use. Downloads include high-resolution (.png) and vector (.eps) versions.

Please be sure to read the Evangelical Alliance Brand Guidelines before downloading these assets.

Our logo, consisting of the circles and word mark, forms the cornerstone of our visual identity.

Primary logo

The primary logo of the Evangelical Alliance is to be used in almost all situations, unless a specific version below is required.

Ea Logo Gc Rgb Transparent Large
The primary Evangelical Alliance logo

Membership logos

Members of the Evangelical Alliance are permitted to use the ​“member of” logo on their website and other branded documents.

Ea Members Logo Gc Large Transparent Rgb
Example of the 'member of' logo

Nation logos

There are different versions of the Evangelical Alliance logo which are available to use in nation-specific cases.

Cymru, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales logos are available to download below, with vector (.eps) versions.

Ea Logo Gc Wales Cymru Rgb Large
Example logo: Evangelical Alliance Wales