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The Best of Friends book

Full of practical advice and wisdom, Phil Knox explores how to cherish and celebrate the most important relationships in your life, and be the best friend you can be.

Friendship is one of the best things ever created.

It is unparalleled as a building block of society, a universal theme in great literature and film, and has a huge impact on our mental health, wellbeing and happiness. But many of us are lonely or feel suffocated by the pressures of life and quantity of relationships we have to maintain. Now, more than ever, we need better, deeper friendships. We need the best of friends.

The Best of Friends unpacks the power of friendship, the pressures on friendship and unlocks the secret to great friendship by looking at the example of Jesus, who not only demonstrated how to care well for our friends, but also how to intentionally invest our time in the right relationships. We explore life-changing wisdom from the Scriptures, sages, sociologists and sciences to help us thrive in this much needed area of life.

Full of practical advice, humour and wisdom, Phil Knox shows us how to choose our friends wisely and maintain lasting and meaningful relationships.

Invest time in reading this book; it will be amply repaid! – Revd. Canon J John

A barnstormer of a book that shows us how to make friends like Jesus did. – Leonard Sweet

Phil is such a wordsmith and has written a great book full of humour and wisdom. – Debra Green OBE

This book is invaluable. – Les Isaac OBE

A book that needs to be widely read. – Ness Wilson