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Understanding the politics of lockdown

Politics/Understanding the politics of lockdown

With more political disagreement over lockdown measures, how should Christians navigate the ever-changing context?

Hate crime and public order (Scotland) update

Politics/Hate crime and public order (Scotland) update

The Scottish Government has now introduced the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill into Holyrood

Domestic abuse law hijacked by abortion amendments

Politics/Domestic abuse law hijacked by abortion amendments

Last minute amendments seek to remove all safeguards and protections on abortion before 28 weeks

Public Policy Wales update: June/July

Politics/Public Policy Wales update: June/July

Siân Rees updates us on what's been happening in public policy

Bridging the gap

Politics/Bridging the gap

As we look to renew and rebuild our society in the months and years ahead, how can we reimagine the public conversation on human rights?

Prayer is not private

Politics/Prayer is not private

The Government's announcement of the first step of church reopening betrays a lack of religious literacy

Public policy Wales update: May

Politics/Public policy Wales update: May

A brief update on what's going on in public policy in Wales

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