Missional Links Wales (MLW) is a core initiative of Evangelical Alliance Wales and seeks to support and initiate missionaries to Wales.

With evangelical Christianity in Wales at two per cent of the population of three million, the heady days of the 1904 Revival are long gone. Wales is once again a mission field in extreme need of strategic help and support from outside of its borders. 

Missional Link Wales exists to encourage churches in the United States collaborate with Welsh churches in mission across each Welsh county and across the nation in long-term relationship. 

It works to inspire Welsh churches to work together as a hub of transformation’ to bring lasting spiritual transformation to their county and to provide on going support, missional training and consultancy to Welsh and churches from the USA.

Missional Links would love to see Welsh churches working together across their counties in unity and missional purpose and overseas (especially from the USA) churches supporting a county-wide and nation wide vision to bring spiritual transformation to the nation of Wales.

Missional Links work for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between overseas and Welsh churches and multi-ministry and multi-access models of mission that mobilise overseas Christians and give them an opportunity to match their God given abilities with the many needs existing in Wales.