We believe that the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus has had the most profound effect on human history. The understanding that our identity, our purpose and the shape of our relationships all stem from Jesus’ saving working on the cross, means that it’s not just the vision of what we can do, but of whose we are, that drives us forward.

Like the evangelicals who have gone before us; those who abolished the slave trade, those who reformed our justice system, those who championed education for all; we are dedicated to blessing those around us as we worship God with all that we have and all that we are. 

Today it is evangelicals who at the heart of debt counselling, street pastors, night shelters and food-banks. Today it is active evangelical faith, in politics, education, evangelism, church planting, the arts and every other aspect of culture; which is making a profound difference throughout our communities for the sake of the gospel. We speak up on behalf of those who are maligned and marginalised, affirming freedoms, and proclaiming the good news of Jesus in words and in action. 

The future offers the Evangelical Alliance, and our members, both phenomenal opportunities and profound challenges. All around us we see change. People are entering into a relationship with Jesus in numbers we have not seen in decades. We celebrate good news stories of church growth, Christian favour and God’s blessing from every part of our membership. 

But we also face political, economic and cultural uncertainty; Brexit, the future of our political union, and the UK’s international relationships all serve to compound a sense of flux and shift. Not only this but we are also facing increasing opposition to biblical orthodoxy from many aspects of society; politicians, the media and cultural influencers, who seek to weaken our voice and reach. But no matter what changes or challenges we face, we know that God is faithful.

The Evangelical Alliance is confident and ready. We offer God what we have been entrusted with, to use as He wills. With open hands and open hearts, we trust in Him who gives us hope and a future

Our Values

We always strive to be:

Christ-like: We serve one another and our members sacrificially.

Relational: We communicate, collaborate and celebrate.

Trustworthy: We are a high trust and highly trusted organisation with a strong emphasis on truth.

Prayerful: We are an organisation which prays regularly and champions prayer.

The Evangelical Alliance is passionate about equipping the church in the UK to share Jesus and speak with confidence about Him in society. For just £3 a month you can become an individual member of the Evangelical Alliance and add your voice to the thousands of others speaking for Jesus across the UK.

Basis of faith

Basis of faith

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What is an evangelical?

What is an evangelical?

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