The Evangelical Alliance has been speaking up for Jesus in society for more than 170 years because we passionately believe that Jesus is good news for society and that Christians should be deeply involved in every part of our world.

We believe that the gospel is the foundation upon which society can flourish and our public policy team works hard to represent Christians and churches in the corridors of power in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

Politics affects all of our lives, whether this is through taxes paid, schools attended, treatment needed or pensions received. It is therefore crucial that Christians are present in all areas of public life, whether in parliament as an MP, on a local council, as a school governor or campaigning in the local community. We want to see a church that is informed and equipped to engage in politics and we want to help you play a part.

Explore What kind of society? as we encourage to Christians to think about what it might look like to build our society on the foundational values of love, freedom, justice and truth.

Our articles and comment pieces will help you think through some of the topical issues that society is grappling with today, and how we as Christians can understand them better.