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Building confidence in our gospel freedoms

Speak Up equips and inspires Christians with confidence and knowledge of the current legal freedoms we have to share our faith.

Speak Up, from the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, is designed to equip and inspire Christians with confidence and knowledge of the current legal freedoms we have to share our faith. 

The good news of Jesus is something we all have a part in sharing. Through our everyday lives – in the local playground, at the bus stop or over a cup of tea – we all have amazing opportunities to introduce people to Jesus.

We won’t always be sure how it will be received, but the Christian message must be proclaimed. Romans 10:14 says: And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” In this country we’ve got the freedom and privilege of being able to speak up and demonstrate the love of God and the transforming power of Jesus in our communities.

Speak Up!

Welcome to Speak Up

We want to give you confidence to speak up. Sometimes Christians may face hostility or rejection, but we also have many rights and freedoms. This resource aims to equip Christians wishing to share their faith by providing a clearer understanding of the current legal freedoms we have

The Talking Jesus’ research showed that in the UK one in five non-Christians, after having a conversation with a Christian about Jesus, say that they are open to an encounter with Jesus. This is a huge opportunity. Amid the religious illiteracy, confusion, and attempts by some to chill’ the atmosphere for the public expression of Christianity in the UK, we are confident this resource will provide a much clearer picture of the wonderful freedoms we all have to talk about Jesus .

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