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Prime Minister welcomes Speak Up resource

The Speak Up resource was welcomed by Prime Minister Theresa May in Parliament this afternoon.

The Speak Up resource, produced jointly by the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, was welcomed by prime minister Theresa May in parliament this afternoon.

In Prime Minister’s Questions Fiona Bruce MP asked if Theresa May would welcome the new resource.

Asking the question, the MP said: Would the Prime Minister join me in welcoming the recent Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship publication Speak Up, which confirms that in our country today the legal rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech, to speak about one’s faith – responsibly, respectfully and without fear – are as strong today as ever.”

In her reply, Theresa May stressed the importance of the jealously guarded principle” that anyone should be free to speak respectfully and responsibly about their religion. She welcomed the resource.


The Prime Minister said: We have a very strong tradition in this country of religious tolerance and freedom of speech and our Christian heritage is something we can all be proud of. And I’m sure we would all want to ensure that people at work do feel able to speak about their faith.”

The Speak Up resource was profiled at an event in Westminster on 31 October, hosted by Fiona Bruce and attended by members of both Houses of Parliament. 

It has been endorsed by a wide range of Christian leaders, as well as senior lawyers and parliamentarians. 

The resource seeks to help Christians understand the broad freedoms that we currently have under the law to share our faith in different contexts.
It emboldens us to have the confidence to tell others about Jesus and gives guidance on how to do so while being respectful of our colleagues and neighbours. 

Both a short and a long version of the resource are available to download at The Great Commission, a new Alliance project. (You can also buy hard copies of the full resource, and bulk orders of the short resource can be obtained, subject to availability, by contacting Flavio Guaratto.)

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Danny joined the Evangelical Alliance in 2008 and has held a range of roles in the advocacy team. He currently looks after media relations and oversees advocacy programmes and projects including public leadership. Before working for the Evangelical Alliance, Danny, who has degrees in politics and political philosophy, worked in parliament for an MP. Danny is passionate about encouraging Christians to integrate their faith with all areas of their life, especially when it comes to helping them take on leadership outside the church. He frequently provides comment on current political issues, both in Evangelical Alliance publications and to the press.

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