Jesus calls us to follow Him, and this involves commitment in all aspects of our lives. He calls us to live for Him in the workplace, which for many of us is where we interact most with those who do not yet know Him. We are to live as salt and light, talking with our colleagues about Jesus, influencing our organisations and encouraging integrity in how the organisation behaves. None of this is easy, but this is our calling to live for Jesus at work.

These four resources seek to inspire and equip Christians to faithfully live for Jesus in their workplaces. The resources include tips for sharing the gospel and information on their legal rights and freedoms in the work context as well as tackle conscience issues Christians may face in the workplace, and where to seek support and accountability.

"Speaking up for Jesus at work can be awkward, and it can have risks, but the great news is that those risks are often smaller than we think, and the protections are significant. This excellent resource shows how we can learn to bring our whole selves to work as Christians – acting wisely and sensitively, we can be confident there is room for Christian lives and Christian views in our workplaces and there is help and protection if things get difficult. What are you waiting for!"
Dr Mark Pickering
Dr Mark Pickering
Chief executive of the Christian Medical Fellowship

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