The UK Government, the Scottish Government, the Senedd and Stormont regularly ask its citizens to respond to the executives proposed policy plans on a whole range of issues. Here you can find about the consultations that we're responding to and how you can respond personally.

The Evangelical Alliance’s advocacy team regularly submits consultation responses on behalf of UK evangelicals and produce consultation guidance notes for individuals, organisations and churches to submit their own response.

All five of the points made on writing to your local elected representative also applies to consultations, but here are three additional tips:

  1. Answer the questions. Consultations normally ask some specific questions about an issue. Make sure your answer is clearly relevant to the question being asked — this means it has a greater chance of being read.
  2. Write when you have something to say. While you should answer the questions where you know something relevant about them, don’t feel under pressure to answer every question that is being asked — it’s not an exam! Don’t answer for the sake of answering; answer because you have an answer to give that will be valuable.
  3. Follow the guidance closely. Most consultations will give some instructions on word limit, formatting and deadline for submitting a response. Again, following these instructions makes it more likely that your response will get read.