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Articles from our Archive


The gospel of salvation - the substance of an address given at Harringay Arena during the Greater London Crusade, 1954 - by Rev Billy Graham Read 'The Gospel of Salvation'

Crusade commentary - "It will doubtless be of interest to our readers to learn some of the opinions expressed in the British press regarding Dr. Billy Graham and the Greater London Crusade." Observations and opinions on the Greater London Crusade from various sources, 1954. Read 'Crusade Commentary'

The voice of God at Harringay - "He would be a very obdurate man who still refused to believe that at Harringay we witnessed a miracle of saving grace such as few generations are privileged to see." Read 'The voice of God at Harringay'


From 1955 Crusade magazine

Scotland meets the challenge -  "We live in fantastic times. We live in the age of nuclear fission, the age of world conflict, of fear, hatred, bitterness and division. Indeed, it is a wonder to me that we live at all!" by John Henderson D.L,J.P, M.P. Read 'Scotland meets the challenge'

Graham comes to Glasgow - an eye-witness account of his arrival and reception by our Special Correspondent. Read 'Graham comes to Glasgow'

How to live the victorious life - "Since the memorable Crusade at Harringay a year ago I have received scores of letters from people who then received Christ as their Saviour." Read 'How to live the victorious life'

Wembley address - a digest of Dr. Graham's address on the opening night of the Crusade. Read 'Wembley Address'

Wembley in the rain - a report by F. Roy Cattell the Secretary of the Wembley Crusade Committee. Read 'Wembley in the rain'


From 1980 Crusade magazine

Lessons I have learned - an interview with Billy Graham by John Gapon looking back at the 1950s crusades. Read 'Lessons I have learned'