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A public gospel - I

Vicky Walker provides a critique of the dissatisfaction that people in their 20s and 30s have of the interplay between the gospel and public life.

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This talk was filmed at a national consultation, entitled, 'A Public Gospel: How should the gospel shape our engagement with public life?' It is the third in a series of five events taking place as part of the Evangelical Alliance's 'Confidence in the Gospel' initiative.

Download a synopsis of this video, along with questions for discussion.


  1. What specific examples can you think of that illustrate the points that Vicky is making? For example, (a) What has been said and done in the name of the gospel that have caused people in their 20s and 30s to be dissatisfied with it? (b) What contradictions have you noticed in the young adults you know?
  2. Vicky says: "We should be known for our positive difference hope – reflecting an irresistible God, creating to paraphrase one writer, 'a beautiful alternative'." How could we go about creating 'a beautiful alternative' in our context?
  3. How can we ensure that the dissatisfaction of our young adults (and our own dissatisfaction) becomes fuel for positive change rather than a driving them away from the gospel, church, and/or Jesus?