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Making the gospel heard in the inner city

Steve Timmis talks about how we can make the gospel heard in the inner city.

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This talk was filmed at a national consultation, entitled, 'A Relevant Gospel: How should we contextualise the message for our 21st century Britain?'. It is the second in a series of five events taking place as part of the Evangelical Alliance's 'Confidence in the Gospel' initiative.

Download a synopsis of this video, along with questions for discussion.


If your church is located in a deprived area:

  1. What most resonated with us about what Steve was saying? What do we need to change or improve to ensure we more effectively communicate the gospel with the community around us?
  2. Do we (and those who are part of our church) have a good understanding of the gospel message? If not, what could we do to ensure that we increase in our understanding?
  3. Think of a situation that either we ourselves are facing, or someone we know is, and discuss how we could go about massaging the gospel message into that area of our (or their) life?

If your church is not located in a deprived area:

  1. How can we apply the main points of this talk in the contexts we find ourselves (a) in our everyday life, and (b) as a church?
  2. In our area, is there a lack of churches in certain parts? If so, what are the reasons for this and does something need to be done to address this issue? What might a solution be?