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NT Wright on Contextualisation

Krish Kandiah interviews NT Wright, exploring the subject of the contextualisation of the gospel.

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This interview was filmed as part of the Evangelical Alliance's 'Confidence in the Gospel' initiative.

Download a synopsis of this video, along with questions for discussion.


  1. Think back to the last time you heard the gospel message communicated. Now think about someone you know (eg a family member, friend or work colleague) who is not a Christian.
    Which aspects of that communication of the gospel would easily mesh with their life, and which parts wouldn't have done?

    How might you go about communicating the gospel message with that person? (Think about the idea of working with their worldview, and weaving God's story into their story.)

    Thinking of examples of when Jesus, Peter, Paul, or others communicated the gospel message with people, which example do you think would be the most effective when it comes to communicating the gospel with this person? Why?
  2. NT Wright suggests that riots often happened when Paul spoke because what he was saying was "dangerously culturally relevant". Which aspects of our culture should we be confronting with the gospel message?
  3. How can we be sure that we become confident enough in our own understanding of the gospel message so we are able to effectively contextualise it for the people we have the opportunity to share it with.