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17 March 2015

Ethnic minority church leaders urge Christians to vote

Ethnic minority church leaders urge Christians to vote

By Ayoola Bandele 

The Church has been dubbed the 'sleeping giant' in recent times but that expression is about to change, as ethnic minority church leaders strive to mobilise members in a new video in which members of the One People Commission of the Evangelical Alliance encourage Christians to show up for the UK General Election on 7 May.

With each passing day, there are increasingly growing concerns among the ethnic minority community. According to the National Church Leaders Forum (NCLF) Political Manifesto document, released in September 2014, ethnic minorities make up eight per cent of the electorate in Britain. Operation Black Vote (OBV) also identified around 168 marginal seats in which the BME vote could play a critical deciding factor in who wins and who loses.

In the document, their stated concerns over the social and political issues faced by ethnic minorities in Britain. Their concerns are highlighted in eight different sections;Church and community;policing and criminal justice;mental health and marriage and youth and education. And as polling day draws nearer, there are questions to consider. Will the UK Church rise to the occasion, engage in the election and participate in their civil right to vote?

With the release of this video, leaders are reaching out to all ethnic minority Christians to come together for the common good, engage with politics as responsible citizens in accordance with biblical teaching and as a vital part of our duty as Christians. They are not saying who to vote for or how to vote, but they are passing on a message for all ethnic minority Christians voters to simply exercise their rights and cast their vote.

Will you show up at the UK General Election 2015?

Watch the video here.

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