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20 March 2016

Holy Week 2016: the first rock band

Holy Week 2016: the first rock band

Join us during Holy Week we reflect on what it is to arise from the sorrow and darkness of Good Friday and into the light of Easter Day.

by Fred Drummond, director of prayer, Evangelical Alliance, and national director Evangelical Alliance Scotland




Stones get the amps plucked in

Boulders grab drums

Waterfalls give voice

Trees clap hands

Bushes, buds and blossoms shout

Angels, saints redeemed sinners sing

The King has come

The King has come

No time for quiet

No reserve here

No hands in pockets

No muted whispers

All creation give voice, blast it out


Fill the air

Shake the ground

Dance for joy

The King has come

The King has come

To us


Lord, you have come. Into our joy and sorrow.

You have come into our pain and suffering

You have come into our small successes and failures

Jesus, you are near in my huge dreams and deepest fears.

The King has come.

Love is here.

Now I am never alone.

Never abandoned.

Sometimes bruised but never broken.

King Jesus, blessed are you.

You alone are worthy of my adoration

To you belongs all praise.

You have come, everything has changed.

Help me focus my life on you today.

Make me aware of your presence and attentive to your voice.

Fill my heart with praise.

In Jesus' name