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25 March 2016

Holy Week 2016: Good Friday

Holy Week 2016: Good Friday

Join us during Holy Week as we reflect on what it is to arise from the sorrow and darkness of Good Friday and into the light of Easter Day.

by Claire Musters, a writer and editor


Sit in a comfortable position, still your mind and slowly read through the dialogue below. Each part is a different character so mull it over carefully. Try to use it to picture what was going on. Let your imagination fill in the blanks until you clearly see the scenes. Ponder who you empathise with most; try and feel the depth of their emotions:

'What was that all about? What has just happened? I don't understand – how can they justify this?'

'Did you see the marks on his back, the deep grooves gushing with blood? I could hardly look at him. How could they do this? I thought he was our saviour – our king. How could he keep silent when they mocked him?'

'Oh God, oh God, why, WHY? He's my precious one – I thought he was your precious one too. Why are you letting them do this to him? How could you? Why did you pick me? I'm not strong enough for this. My heart is breaking in two. I don't think I can watch this anymore – his poor body. My baby. What is going on? Are you really in control?'

'Wow, this cross is really heavy – and that guy looks in a really bad way already. What have they done to him? And what has he done to deserve this?'

'Oh my son, my son. What have they done to you? This is so hard to bear. Not to interfere. But there isn't long to go now. My heart is breaking – but I am so, so proud of you.'

'Ha, ha. We've done it – and look he really is just a man. He was supposed to be their king, but he hasn't been able to save himself – how pathetic! Come down and show us who you are – no? Can't do it?! Didn't think so.'

'Oh God, I don't think I can keep going for much longer. Are you there – Abba, where are you?'

'You haven't done any wrong have you? I can see it just by looking at you. Please remember me – I long for a second chance.'

'Mother…dear friend…love one another, care for one another.'

'Oh Mary. He's seen you. Oh Mary, try and stand. Try and be there for him – he needs you, more than ever.'

'My God, my God. Please don't leave me! Why have you forsaken me? …

IT IS FINISHED! God, receive my spirit…'

'What was that? Wow. What just happened? Surely he was the son of God! What happens now?'

'That was strange. Kind of eerie. I'm not sticking around here – we've done our job – let's go!'

'This is a disgrace. I'm not leaving his body there. I don't trust them. I'm going to Pilate to ask for his body. He needs – he deserves – a proper resting place.'

'Oh Mary. I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say. But I think we should follow this man – let's see where he takes him. Come, hold on to my arm…'

This meditation was first published in Quiet Spaces Easter 2014.