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27 March 2016

Holy Week 2016: Snap

Holy Week 2016: Snap

Join us during Holy Week as we reflect on what it is to arise from the sorrow and darkness of Good Friday and into the light of Easter Day.

by Fred Drummond, director of prayer, Evangelical Alliance, and national director Evangelical Alliance Scotland



Snap, snap, snap

Can you hear it?

Snap, snap, snap

From north, south, east and west

Snap, snap, snap

Can you hear it?

Snap, snap, snap

From height and depth

Valley and mountain

Chains are broken

From the afflicted and addicted

From the abused and nameless

From the anonymous and the voiceless

The weak and the hopeless.

Those of silent scream and hopeless heart

He is risen.

He is risen indeed.

Lift up your heads

Those weighed down by guilt,

Burdened with sorrow,

Frightened of the future.

Lift your heads and see

Death is dead.

Darkness is replaced by light.

Fullness and freedom have arrived.

He is risen

He is risen indeed



Risen Lord Jesus,

Death could not hold you.

The power of sin is defeated.

Love has triumphed.

How can I ever express my thanks to you?

You paid my price, you took my death,

Now I live in you.

I am forgiven, I am a new creation, I have life eternal all in you.

Lord Jesus Christ, light of the world and Lord of all.

Today we celebrate your goodness and rejoice in victory.

Darkness could not hide you, death could not defeat you

Risen Lord of all

We praise you