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16 July 2014

Prayer for peace in Gaza

Prayer for peace in Gaza

A prayer for peace - by Fred Drummond, director of prayer, Evangelical Alliance

Today, men, women and children, the weak and vulnerable are waiting and listening.
They are listening for the sounds of warning sirens and venomous bombs that snuff out life.
For those who live daily in an atmosphere of terror that erodes hope, Lord have mercy.

We pray for the people of Israel and Palestine that fear and violence might be replaced by reconciliation and understanding.
We ask for a future where people can build relationships, that a pathway for peace can be found.
Lord have mercy.

We pray for peace makers, that people of influence will work to turn enemies into friends and the barren wilderness into a place of beauty.
We pray for those with power, that they would be slow to retaliate and quick to find a better way.
Lord have mercy