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23 April 2012

Prayer for the Middle East

Prayer for the Middle East

A group of Arabic churches is encouraging Christians in the UK to pray for the Middle East this month.

Arabic Ministries Network (AMN) UK is deeply concerned about the plight of the millions of believers in the Muslim world, which has in some instances been worsened following the Arab Spring.

In response, AMN has joined forces with Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) and Open Doors to hold a day of prayer for the Middle East on Saturday, 28 April. It takes place from 10.30am to 4.30pm at Ealing Christian Centre.

It is hoped that the day will unite those from the Middle East and Christians in the UK in praying for the stability of the region, for freedom, for peace and for those who are suffering.

CSW’s chief executive Mervyn Thomas said: “In light of the recent upheavals in the Middle East, sparked by the Arab Spring, CSW believes that this is a crucial time for Christians in the UK to pray fervently for these nations, their citizens and our fellow Christians.

“When one part of the body suffers, every part suffers with it. We look forward to welcoming many Christians to Ealing Christian Centre for the day of prayer, to stand in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters and pray for peace and stability in the region.”

A spokesman for Open Doors added: "Christians across the Arab World are calling out to believers who live in freedom, to pray with them so that they will strengthened and be a light to their nations. We encourage people to heed that call and join together in praying for freedom."