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08 November 2016

Prayer for the US election

Prayer for the US election

Join us in prayer today for the United States of America. 

Lord, you are sovereign over the nations, and we pray for the United States whose motto is 'In God we trust'. 

We thank you that millions in America are free to choose their government. As they take to the polls today, we ask that your will be done. 

Lord, let there be liberty. 

We pray that following a bitter and often divisive campaign that, regardless of the outcome, the result will be respected by those on either side.

Lord, let there be love. 

We pray that America will increasingly be an example to the world of how a free and plural society can prosper.   

Lord, let there be grace. 

We pray that polarisation, bitterness and hatred will be eclipsed by unity, civility and common purpose among people across all sectors of society.

Lord, let there be hope. 

We pray that your Church in the United States will recognise and fulfil its role in the ministry of reconciliation in the days, weeks and years to come. 

Lord, let there be peace. 

Rulers come and go, but your steadfast love remains everlasting. You are the rock on which we stand in times of uncertainty. You are the one who never changes.

We pray, Lord, above all that you will reign.

God, bless America.