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02 April 2014

Psalm 8: Prayer reflection

Psalm 8: Prayer reflection

The park was cold, the wind gusting. It wasn't the best day for a stroll with the children. There we were waterproofs and wellies walking into the teeth of an autumn gale. Then we found a leaf, not crushed under foot. We examined it, the shape, the beautiful deep reddish brown colour and the rich markings. It was wonderful and unique, pointing to a wonderful and unique creator. From highest peak to smallest seed, all creation praises God.


I refuse to fit into a mould that others make for me. I will not let the world shape who I am. I am not like everyone else. I find my identity in you, my God. You are mindful of me, you care for me. You have made me your child. My heart soars with praises to you. I join with all creation to lift your name. O God you are worthy. How majestic is your name.


by Fred Drummond, national director, Evangelical Alliance Scotland