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Evangelicals don't always agree on matters of theology. But our role at the Alliance is to reflect the diversity of opinion within mainstream evangelicalism rather than impose an artificial consensus. Our Theology Advisory Group (TAG) seeks a biblical consensus on controversial issues. It advises the advocacy team, leadership and board of the Alliance and is commissioned to produce or review resources. It may step in to help and advise where, for example, dispute or division might threaten evangelical unity or identity. TAG helps our advocacy team identify hot topics, forms specialist task groups for an evangelical perspective on the issues and comments on the work undertaken by the team.

We recognise that:

  • views that seem contradictory can sometimes be complementary
  • differences are sometimes exaggerated by history, which can lead to a failure to understand the language or the perspective of the other side
  • nevertheless, some differences are genuine and real, and need to be recognised as such.

On these pages you can read articles on the important theological issues being debated in our times.