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FAQ on Islam   

What does ‘Islam’ mean?

What does the word ‘Muslim’ mean?

How did Islam originate?

What are the main sacred texts for Islam?

What is the basic understanding of God in Islam?

Why is Muhammad’s life often divided between Mecca and Madina?

How does Islam view Jesus?

What are the main branches of Islam, and how do they differ?

How does Islam understand the relationship between religion and the State?

What is Shari’a Law?

How did Islam spread across the world?

How has Islam developed in Britain?

What are the key spiritual disciplines in Islam?

How does Islam view violence, war and conquest?

Peter Cotterell's distinguished career includes 19 years lecturing at London School of Theology, where he also served as principal, and 23 in the mission field in Ethiopia, where he founded the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology. His publications in Islam, missiology, linguistics and communications total 17 books. Among them are Islam in Conflict (IVP, with Peter G. Riddell), Linguistics and Biblical Interpretation(SPCK, with Max Turner), Mission and Meaninglessness (SPCK), and Is God Helpless? (Triangle).