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19 March 2015

A fresh look at the Easter story

A fresh look at the Easter story

In response to statistics that 60 per cent of Christians aged 16 to 44 don't read or listen to the Bible daily (Evangelical Alliance Snap Shot Survey 2011) and that 47 per cent of the population think the Bible has no significance today (National Bible Literacy Survey 2009), churches are invited this Easter to present the story of Jesus in a fresh way in their community and reach out with the good news.

THE STORY is a specially-produced edition of Luke and Acts, by Biblica Europe and HOPE, presented in order to make it more accessible to those who have not read the Bible before and to give a fresh perspective to those who have.

Project Manager for Biblica Europe, Lindsey Holley shares: "THE STORY is outreach friendly and ideal for non-Bible readers because it has natural literary breaks restored and reads more like a novel, without chapter and verse numbers. Christians can also let the narrative come alive in a new way to them."

"By reading Luke and Acts together we get drawn into the epic story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection and the world of his early followers as Christianity spreads across the globe. It's a story that has transformed millions of lives across the world."

"We are encouraging churches across the UK to read THE STORY together with their communities by setting up book club style groups in different settings. This could be anywhere;cafes, libraries, living rooms, parent and toddler groups or even sports clubs."

THE STORY is part of Biblica's wider Community Bible Experience initiative, which seeks to present the whole Bible, understood in context and experienced in community.

Churches partnering with Biblica to take on THE STORY will receive all copies free of charge.

Churches can place orders and download all the relevant resources at THE STORY