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08 March 2017

Alliance pays tribute to former general secretary Gordon Landreth

Alliance pays tribute to former general secretary Gordon Landreth

The Evangelical Alliance is sending sincere condolences to the family of Gordon Landreth, former general secretary of the Alliance, after his death this week.

Mr Landreth became general secretary in 1969, amidst significant divisions in the evangelical community.

The specific initiatives undertaken during his 13-yar secretaryship mainly involved evangelism, but this was often linked to socio-political projects.

His organisational skills and ability to bring people together were put to good use as secretary to the evangelism research project that came out of the work of strategy for evangelism group, which involved bringing leaders together from evangelistic organisations.

In the winter 1982/1983 edition of idea magazine, Gordon was praised for being a “bridgebuilder”.

The article said: “It is impossible to assess fully the enormous contribution made to the Evangelical Alliance by Gordon Landreth.

“Gordon brought to the EA outstanding ability as a wise counsellor and clear thinker. He was invited to serve on numerous committees where the evangelical voice needed to be heard. Although a loyal Anglican, Gordon goes out of his way to try to understand the different denominational backgrounds.

“Probably his greatest accomplishments have been in the art of bridgebuilding.”

Gordon was also on the founding committee of the Arts Centre in 1970, which was set up by Christians working in the entertainment, arts and communications media fields came together to form a group to reach out to those working the arts and entertainment world, meeting under the auspices of the Evangelical Alliance.

The article went on: “He succeeded at the EA in bringing together groups of Christian leaders, who apart from his influence might never have set around the same conference table.”

When he left the Alliance after 13 years, Mr Landreth wrote: “I am profoundly grateful to God for the immense satisfaction that serving the EA has given and still gives. Pursuing the course of spiritual unity in action and serving the servants of God in all the evangelical churches and fellowships have been and remain causes to which I am deeply committed.

“I am very glad that as the time comes for me to move on there are signs of progress in the working together of evangelicals in this country.”

Mr Landreth is survived by two daughters.