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01 February 2017

Be part of the Bible Book Club

Be part of the Bible Book Club

Alliance member Bible Society are launching their own Bible Book Club. 

Bible Society are asking groups to choose from any book of the Bible to read and discuss informally as part of a book club. 

Bible Society research has found that many people are daunted by trying to read the whole Bible.

Dr Paula Gooder, Bible Society's theologian-in-residence, has written a guide for each book. She says: "The Bible is full of books, but often we only read small sections of them, and there are some books many of us never go near.

"I want Bible Book Club to remind people that the Bible is theirs to own, read, question and discuss – and if that's over a favourite drink with a group of friends, then all the better!"

The guides help people probe and question the text, explains who the author might have been, and the context and reason behind the book. 

They also suggest questions for groups to consider while reading and when gathering in a group to discuss the book. 

You can download your guides for free at biblesociety.org.uk/biblebookclub 

Share your Bible Book Club adventures on social media using the hashtag #biblebookclub

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