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01 June 2016

Black church leaders encourage community to vote

Black church leaders encourage community to vote

Black Christians are being urged to join the debate on the forthcoming referendum about the UK's membership in the European Union.

Pastor Ade Omooba and Dr R David Muir, co-chairs of the National Church Leaders Forum (NCLF), are encouraging members of the black Christian community to vote on the EU.

The NCLF is made up of key leaders in the African and Caribbean churches in the UK.

Pastor Ade and Dr Muir said: "We call upon all faith and community leaders to encourage their respective constituencies to vote on Thursday, 23 June 2016."
The NCLF 2015 Church Manifesto states: "Political engagement is part of our civic duty and Christian responsibility. We encourage BMC [Black Majority Church] leaders to do more to promote and teach the importance of active citizenship and political engagement for the common good."
The NCLF is calling on its members to remind their congregations to be registered to vote by 7 June and to prayerfully consider the pros and cons of the EU debate before voting on 23 June.

The Alliance is passionate about unity and set up the One People Commission (OPC) in 2011 to bring together key Christian leaders committed to celebrating ethnicity while promoting unity. Watch the OPC unity video to find out more.

The Alliance has been producing resources to help Christians think through the referendum issues being discussed from a position of faith.  You can find out more about how the EU works, read through topics such as freedom and democracy, or read opinions on whether we should stay in or leave the EU from idea magazine.