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11 February 2011

Care launches campaign to protect families online

Care launches campaign to protect families online

A campaign to help better protect children when they are using the internet has been launched by Care.

The Christian social policy charity launched the Protecting Families Online campaign on Safer Internet Day (8 February).

It aims to work in Parliament and beyond for the best possible regulatory and technological framework to help protect children when they are online.

"Care has been working in this area for some time, promoting amendments to legislation in both the UK and the European Parliament on issues like filtering and age verification," says Dr Dan Boucher, Care's director of parliamentary affairs.

"The Government has expressed real concerns about these issues and we are committed to working with them and the UK Council for Child Internet Safety to deliver robust policy solutions that will enable parents to protect their children."

The campaign is promoting parental control mechanisms, age verification and an opt-in approach to blocking inappropriate content at ISP level.

Care's head of public affairs and CEO Nola Leach said: "This is an area that we have worked on for some time now behind the scenes.

"I am proud to be launching this public campaign now because the time has come for us to encourage the Government and good and responsible companies to step up and help parents protect their children."

Care also provides links to resources and materials to help concerned parents and grandparents engage positively with their children in learning how to navigate the internet safely. Access Promoting Families Online here.