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13 December 2010

CAST launched to oppose slavery

CAST launched to oppose slavery

A handful of people felt strongly about the suffering of others who were entrapped in slavery. With 12 million people enslaved worldwide, the growing team now aims to oppose this violation of human rights through Christian Anti-Slavery Today (CAST). They are launching this initiative to raise awareness of contemporary slavery and effectively combat it within a Christian context.

"Many people do not understand the shocking reality of slavery today," explained spokeswoman Bisi Omiteru. "Therefore education remains a primary objective. CAST is providing free resources for different age groups to heighten awareness."

Facts reveal widespread suffering as people are enslaved on every continent. Many, including children, are forcibly being trafficked and abused in Britain today. CAST is equipping others by showing them ways to oppose slavery through both advocacy and action.
"Believing that every man, woman and child has value in the sight of God, CAST opposes the abuse of human rights," said Bisi. "We want to mobilise individuals to do simple things like ethical shopping or writing to policy makers. Also, we recognise the importance of working under the auspices of the local church."

Churches are starting focus groups to act together and plan events. Freedom Festivals will highlight contemporary slavery and celebrate how freedom is being gained. Such activities will be within the context of local churches acting together yet will engage with the wider community.

Individuals becoming involved range from British church leaders to a teenager in Eastern Europe. CAST team members are motivating others by putting their biblical basis into practice. They note that Romans 12 means all of us using our individual gifts to act together. Children and teenagers helped pilot resources, and elderly people have taken part in an interactive presentation of anti-slavery from a biblical perspective.

Because of being strongly committed to networking, projects will include supporting existing ministries through fundraising and other means. CAST is launching under the umbrella charity Siloam Christian Ministries. Initial projects include Siloam's work among young girls at risk and those rescued from trafficking in India.
Visit www.cast.eu.com for more information.