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22 July 2015

Bobbie Houston speaks ahead of Hillsong Conference

Bobbie Houston speaks ahead of Hillsong Conference

Amaris Cole catches up with Bobbie Houston, senior pastor of Alliance member Hillsong, ahead of Conference 2015.

AC: Welcome to London, Bobbie!
BH: Thank you, it feels like home these days.

AC: What are you most excited about this conference?
BH: The language we put over always is to champion the cause of local churches. To me, it's a leadership conference. We love local church, we believe in local church. God has blessed us, and we're willing to put whatever we have on the table. The theme this year is: Speak, we're listening. Our hope is we will be in that environment and that every delegate will still their heart for God to truly speak to them. The Sydney conference was magnificent – it was just beautiful. It was beautiful because He was.

AC: In the noisy world live in, with so many distractions, how do make sure you have time to listen to God?
BH: I don't know if I have a specific rule. I don't have a pad answer, I don't steal away and do this or that. I like going to bed early these days and reading. I love walking. I just grab moments.

AC: What's the one thing you hope delegates who have never been to Conference will take away?
BH: I know the word being spoken, and with the awesome speakers we have, the word will do its work. I really pray that our team, when we open that door of worship, will open the door of heaven. It's not about making ourselves heard. As my son says, you're under a spotlight to diffuse it. You have attention here to push attention there. I think if we can turn people's eyes on Christ, then he will take care of what needs to be done in their lives. It will look different for everyone .

AC: Hillsong is known for being polished and putting on an incredible show. But how do you make sure it's more than that, and stay humble while on the stage?
BH: We have no illusions of grandeur. I think anyone who's on our platform has no disillusions of grandeur, they're there but by the grace of God. We're there to serve Him. We feel very blessed and honoured of the favour we have as a church, with the opportunity God gives us. But we know our humanity. We know it's not us. We work hard, everyone gives 1,000 per cent, there's a true sense of servanthood. But we realise but by the grace of God. As senior pastors we watch for that. We watch for prima donnas.

AC: What's the thing to watch out for during this Conference?
BH: Oh I love the close. We haven't gone crazy with creativity this year. Sometimes we do lots of things. Our team is creative and we love to stir it up, but this is very anointed, very beautiful. The worship is awesome.

AC: What's next for Hillsong?
BH: We're going to just keep doing what we're doing. We say Hillsong is one house with many rooms, and each of those rooms are young rooms. We're going into South America this year. We're always pioneering - none of us are sitting back and saying: "We're done." We just need to keep ensuring those rooms are flourishing, and Brian and I can hopefully keep inspiring our team to do their work.

AC: Thanks for chatting to us today, and enjoy Conference!
BH: No problem, honey.