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01 June 2009

Chris Wright

Dr Chris Wright is International Director of the Langham Partnership and chair of the Lausanne Committee's Theology Working Group. He has written several books including The Mission of God and the recent The God I Don't Understand. Chris and his wife, Liz, have four adult children and three grandchildren.

Here is a taster from Chris's podcast interview:

Are there one or two issues you can think of that are the top, hot issues in theology worldwide at the moment?

One that is inevitably going to continue to be an issue is the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. That will always be a core issue for Christian mission simply because it always has been, ever since the New Testament. What does it mean to say that Jesus is Lord, that Jesus alone is the incarnate God, Jesus alone is the saviour? That inevitably leads into other directions, and one of them is: what about the question of truth and truth claims, and how does one affirm issues of authority and truth within a culture or cultures which have moved very much away from that as being legitimate in any sense. That's the apologetic dimension. Thirdly it leads in the direction of what about the truth claims of other faiths? How do we relate to people of other faiths...What does it mean to love my neighbour, who may be a person of another faith, rather than simply to regard these people as enemies of the gospel or enemies of Christ or enemies of Christians.