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16 January 2017

Christian Aid calls for The Big Shift

Christian Aid calls for The Big Shift

Christian Aid is urging people to contact their banks about investing in renewable energy.

The development charity says the UK's biggest banks are negatively impacting the world's poorest communities by continuing to finance of the fossil fuel industry.

The Big Shift encourages Christians to lobby their bank, asking for a change in investment policy.

Christian Aid says: "To love our neighbours and God's abundant planet as we're entrusted to do requires a big shift in finances towards renewable energy."

Financing coal, oil and gas fuels climate change, which impacts the poorest communities around the world.

Banks in the UK manage vast amounts of ordinary people's savings, often investing it more fossil fuel companies than in renewable energy sources.

Christian Aid want Christians to put pressure on their banks to scale up investment of their savings into clean energy and away from fossil fuel industries.

The Paris Agreement signed in 2015 acknowledged the need to move towards a zero carbon economy in order to achieve it's target of stopping global temperatures rising above two degrees.

You can get in touch with your bank here.

Christian Aid is running training across the UK to equip Christians to get involved in the campaign and to mobilise their friends and communities to put pressure on their banks to change investment policies. 

Image: CC Petter Rudwall