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10 February 2016

Christians urged to ditch electricity this Ash Wednesday

Christians urged to ditch electricity this Ash Wednesday

Consumer power is driving a call for Christians and churches to switch energy suppliers.

The Big Church Switch, run by Alliance member Tearfund and Christian Aid, is a response to Christian concern about climate change and creation care.

The campaign invites Christians to switch to electricity from renewable sources.

Ben Niblett, Tearfund senior campaigner, said: "The UK Church has a vital role in overcoming poverty and inequality in a way which doesn't cost the earth and lasts for generations to come.

"Switching is a great way for Christians to love our neighbours and show the government we want more action on climate change, like investment in clean, renewable energy.

''Christians care about our neighbours in the UK and around the world being hit by climate change - we're seeing more floods, more droughts, and more people going hungry - so we think this will strike a chord.''

The initiative will also encourage thousands of individuals and families across the UK to switch their homes and churches to electricity from renewable sources.

Christians are increasingly linking climate change with their faith's call to care for creation and the world's most vulnerable people.

The Big Church Switch is a very practical way to channel consumer power to renewable energy and show the government that clean energy should be central to the effort to address climate change.

The project hopes to pool the buying power of thousands of individuals to put pressure on energy providers to develop greener deals.

Power stations generate around one quarter of all the UK's emissions of the gases that cause climate change, so shifting to electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar will send a strong signal to governments and businesses that churches are prepared to lead the way and that renewables rather than fossil fuels are the future.

You can find out more about the campaign at The Big Church Switch, and read more about how churches are responding to climate change in our EcoChurch edition of Friday Night Theology.

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