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03 December 2015

Compassion UK celebrates 100,000 children sponsored

Compassion UK celebrates 100,000 children sponsored

This week Compassion UK celebrated seeing 100,000 children sponsored when Mike and Sarah Barton from near Burford, Oxfordshire, sponsored Loveline from Haiti.

Compassion UK, an member of the Alliance, has been partnering children living in the vulnerability of poverty with a sponsor for 15 years.

Bekah Legg, from Compassion UK said: "For 100,000 children that dream has become a reality because people in the UK have chosen to see them and support them.

"As excited as we are to reach 100,000, our focus isn't on the zeros, it's on the one. It's easy to lose the individual in the statistics but everything we do is about recognising one child at a time, knowing them by name and enabling them to flourish."

Sponsorship creates a loving, encouraging relationship between the sponsor and child and also enables the child to visit their local church project at least once a week which means the child no longer goes to bed hungry, attends school regularly and receives all the medical care they need.

To mark the milestone, Compassion UK is creating a scholarship for nurse training on the island of La Gonave in Haiti. Justin Dowds, senior director of Compassion UK explains: "What we do has always been about the children and it seemed fitting to provide a new learning opportunity for the children in our programme that will not only develop them, but go on to benefit the whole community."

To find out more about the work that Compassion UK does and how to sponsor a child, please visit their website.