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23 March 2015

Connecting children with God

Connecting children with God

As adults in the Church, there is a danger that the potential of children –the depth of connection with God and their ability to serve Him –could be overlooked.

But Harrogate's New Life Church has launched its Connected curriculum for children and youth, aimed at helping children and young people develop hearts that are deeply connected to God, each other and the community around them.

Written by Elaine Webster, the children and youth pastor of New Life Church and a children's work leader at New Wine conferences, the resource addresses issues including relationship, identity, freedom, healing and the prophetic, family and honour and has reached eight countries since its publication in summer 2014.

Connected covers what it means to be powerful and free, how to develop two way conversation with God, healing, compassion, generosity and risk.

Elaine said: "I wrote this to express our kingdom values at Harrogate New Life and to respond to frustration many children and youth pastors face. They want to equip their teams with Spirit filled materials that build a natural, supernatural environment, every week, but don't have the time to write themselves or adapt other options".

Users have told of their children "chatting to Jesus and God, praying more and worshipping" and telling stories of "powerful moves of God".

Connected is designed to enable teams to save time preparing material and spend more time with God and the children and it includes teaching notes, parent letters, all-age worship sessions and social ideas.

The curriculum is available for ages 5 to10 years or 10 to14 years, and the 14 to 18 years edition will be released in June 2015.

A free trial session for each age group is available at www.connectedhearts.co.uk