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01 September 2008

David Jackman

David Jackman is an internationally renowned speaker, President of the Proclamation Trust, and founder of the Cornhill Training Course. He was previously minister of Above Bar Church in Southampton and also served with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF). In 1974 he wrote his first short book, Starting as a Student: A Christian Approach, an 88 page pocketbook designed to prepare students for University or College life. David has written many books, most recently Opening up the Bible (Scripture Union publishing, 2006) and Spirit of Truth (Christian focus publications, 2006). Both Proclamation Trust and Cornhill Training Course exist to encourage and inspire expository preaching and have raised the bar in the level of preaching in this country.

Here's a taster of David's podcast interview:

How can we make sure the next generation of leaders are coming through? What should the current generation be doing to pass on leadership to the next generation?

I think it's really important. Part of our ministry is raising up the next generation in every church. I would say to any current pastor: who are the young people in your church who you're spotting with ministry gifts? Where are the younger people with hearts to serve, and what are you doing to encourage them?

I think we can do all sorts of things like that. We can have training courses within the church, or we can let them loose in ministry in the local church, in our town or area, summer camps, house parties, evangelistic missions - all to give them experience. I think what actually gets people into ministry is experience of ministry. The more experience we can give to young people, the better. But it needs to be supervised, there needs to be feedback, they need to be supported in doing it, and we need to go through it with them and say, for example: "That talk didn't really work, did it?" Then we should ask why it didn't work and help them to understand what has gone wrong as well as what has gone right.

If pastors and church leaders could see this as a major part of their own ministry, that would be enormously healthy…