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09 January 2017

Do you believe in angels?

A Bible Society poll has revealed that a third of Brits believe in angels. 

One in three people also believe in guardian angels. 

The number of people who believe in angels has remained the same over the last six years. 

Woman are more likely to believe in angels than men, with 39 per cent of women saying they believe angels exists compared to only 26 per cent of men. 

Paula Gooder, theologian-in-residence at Bible Society, said: "One of the intriguing things is that as I have begun to talk about angels with different people, so I've heard a number of people tell me stories which I'm confident are angelic stories. 

"Angels bring messages of God's love, but they don't necessarily look like angels." 

More women say they have seen or heard an angel, with 11 per cent saying they had experienced an angel and just eight per cent of men saying they have had an angelic experience. 

Margaret Jones, from Fleetwood in Lancashire, felt an angel by her side while she was singing in the choir at church. 

Margaret said: "I felt the pressure of what seemed like a human hand touching my own.  

"As I was standing on the edge of the choir I assumed that the lady, Deborah, who had been playing the organ, had come over to join us; so thought nothing of it.  

The hand then left mine and a few moments later I opened my eyes and was surprised to see that Deborah was still sitting at the organ – she wasn’t there beside me.

Another member of the congregation said to Margaret: "An angel was here and he was stood next to you Margaret and touched you on your hand.

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Image: CCO Public Domain