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07 July 2017

Going to the Keswick Convention? Download the brand new app

Going to the Keswick Convention? Download the brand new app

Alliance member Keswick Ministries has launched its first ever event app as it celebrates its 142nd annual Convention

The app will allow convention goers to pick their favourite event elements and create their own online convention. 

Users can use the "My Keswick" feature to organise bible readings, seminars, and events in one place. 

Jutta Devenish, head of communications & development said: "Over the last year and a half, as part of our desire to engage with our audiences through a wider mix of communication channels, we have worked hard to broaden our digital footprint. 

We have quintupled our website traffic, doubled our social media following and are now launching what we think is a beautiful, very user-friendly app, which will make it easy for visitors to stay on top of all that goes on at the Convention." 

Users can download the app via the Apple Store and, by the time the Convention begins, it will also be available to android users. 

After the Convention  users will also get first-hand access to new Christian resources and news on other ministry offerings such as the charity's brand-new teaching and training programme in the Lake District. 

This year's Convention starts on 15 July and will feature speakers from around the world including Don Carson and Ivor Poobalan speaking on the theme of Captivated: Hearing God's Word. 

Keswick Ministries resources Christians as they serve God for His mission in the world throughout the year and through hosting an annual three-week Convention in Keswick which now attracts over 12,000 visitors each summer.

As a member of the Evangelical Alliance, Keswick Ministries is one of 600 organisations supported by the Alliance. We facilitate members' initiatives and campaigns and offer support to increase their impact. Member organisations have an opportunity to speak to the media on behalf of our membership, as we direct media and information enquiries to member organisations best placed to deal with them. The Alliance also provides training for organisations on how to engage with the local government and media. 

If you would like your organisation to become a member of the Evangelical Alliance, you can find out more here.