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15 October 2013

Europe: Work in progress or Doomsday?

Europe: Work in progress or Doomsday?

European Evangelical Alliance leaders meet to discuss God's will for Europe.

Last week European Evangelical Alliance leaders met in Stadskanaal, Netherlands to consider the state of the Church in the continent. The General Assembly was reported as an exciting time and leaders gathered together from nearly 30 different countries across Europe, including Kazakhstan. Visitors also arrived from Israel.

This annual event provides leaders with an opportunity to hear what is happening across this vast land mass, build relationships, worship and pray together and ask the big question: what is God's agenda for Europe? 

Thomas BucherThe newly appointed general secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance, Thomas Bucher said: "We very much believe that Europe is a work in progress and that there is tremendous hope. We found great unity and encouragement among us when we gathered.  We are going to make an impact.

"Despite the economic and social crisis that is forecast this presents a huge opportunity for the Church to make a difference and bring the gospel as good news to Europe."

Jim Memory from Redcliffe College presented challenging insights about the crisis facing Europe and the opportunities for the Church to respond.  Jeff Fountain, director of the Schuman Centre for European studies, called for a biblical response full of hope.

Steve Clifford said: "It was great to come together to ask the question: 'What is God's will for Europe at this time?' Evangelical Alliances across this continent vary in size, shape and influence, perhaps reflecting the wider health of the Church, but each contribution is equally vital. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Europe. We have a mission to encourage the Church to rise up and share hope."

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