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09 September 2013

Exposed – Shining a Light on Corruption

Exposed – Shining a Light on Corruption

The Evangelical Alliance has added its voice to EXPOSED 2013: a global coalition of churches, businesses and individuals including Micah Challenge, the Bible Society and the Salvation Army, who are shining a light on corruption which robs the poorest of our world.

The EXPOSED campaign was formed to draw attention to the fact that corruption is the biggest barrier to ending extreme poverty.

The campaign will be highlighted during its Week of Action from October 14-20 2013 when there will be an emphasis on gathering signatures for the Global Call against corruption.  During that week there will be a series of events including thousands of vigils to highlight the issue of corruption and its effects on the poorest of the poor.

Vigils are already planned for St Paul's Cathedral in London on Monday, 14 October, starting at 6pm. Events are also planned in Washington DC, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, Malaysia and Moldova. 

If you are organising a vigil there are resources available and once you have all your arrangements in place please register your vigil on www.exposed2013.com/globalvigil

To add your voice to the Global Call to End Corruption, and to become 'One in a Million', you can sign the petition below.

Follow the campaign on Twitter: @exposed2013 and on Facebook