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28 February 2011

Facing redundancy, but trusting God

Facing redundancy, but trusting God

What does a Christian do when faced with redundancy? In this economic climate, how do we, as Christians, still trust God for our jobs? Claire Musters talked to one man who is addressing these very questions…

Charles Humphreys was made redundant himself in 2009 so has direct experience of what it feels like to be suddenly out of work. Before then he was a successful careers adviser. He believes that God's hand was in his redundancy, as it has given him the space and motivation to write what had been on his heart for many years. The result is the The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers.

Charles truly hopes that his book will enable readers to discover the right type of employment God has for them as individuals - even if this means a complete change - but also to understand how He could be using present circumstances to mould their characters to be more Christ-like. Charles wants to be a source of encouragement during this season of economic hardship. His book is aimed at those who are currently out of work as well as people who are in work but desperately seeking new direction.

It also could be a vital resource for pastors and church leaders who have people out of work within their congregations. It is definitely a challenging read, but also highly practical - and is packed full of worksheets and insightful advice.

Look out for the upcoming July/August 2011 edition of idea for a fuller article on 'How to face redundancy as a Christian'.

Charles is appearing on Premier Radio throughout March. Visit his website for more information.